Peter Murray

July 10, 2019

Peter Murray was elected Chair to the 10 Deserts Project steering committee in November 2020. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation based in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia, and in this capacity, he manages the Warlu Jilajaa Jumu Indigenous Protect Area and the Ngurrara working on-country ranger programs.

He is a Walmajarri / Juwariny on Ngurrara A, a native title area in the Great Sandy Desert. One of his goals is to assist communities to build capacity to function in a remote and isolated area.

Peter works with rangers to achieve their mission to look after country and his group is currently working on monitoring climate change and formulating adaptation strategies to reduce negative impacts on his country and people. He works closely with the senior elders to pass on knowledge to young people while inspiring others to become leaders and role models within his community.

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