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Building the capacity of Indigenous people and organisations

The development of Indigenous land management organisations and the sector more broadly is a key project focus. This includes:

Indigenous Desert Alliance

The Indigenous Desert Alliance (IDA) aims to support Indigenous land managers to share information and innovation, develop regionally significant collaborative projects and advocate for investment in the desert region. The IDA is now an incorporated entity in its own right and plays a vital role in securing the future health of the desert and its people by:

The project provides funding for what is now the largest gathering of Indigenous desert rangers in the country – the IDA annual conference – as well as other annual IDA training camps and forums for Indigenous land management organisations and rangers to share learnings and identify priority issues for the network’s development.

Supporting ranger teams

Emerging Indigenous ranger teams will be supported to become advanced in land management practices. Initial priority groups identified include four in the Central Land Council area and one each in Desert Support Services, Kimberley Land Council and Natural Resources Alinytjara Wilurara areas.

A total of 11 emerging groups are proposed to be supported throughout the course of the project.

Funding provided through this project activity is for three years and will allow for the development and implementation of land management plans (referred to as healthy country plans) or equivalent. Groups will be required to collect threatened fauna species information and develop a strategy to find longer-term funding from other sources.The five-year outcomes of this activity will be an increase in established Indigenous ranger teams funded through other sources to look after another 20 million hectares of desert country and increasing maturity of emerging teams.

Read more about the new ranger teams we are supporting.

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"In traditional times there were no borders like now – no states and territories; no native title borders and different groups drawing lines. This project removes those borders so that we can work together to keep country and people healthy. It is an ambitious project that we are keen to do." Nyaparu Rose, Nyangumarta Warrarn Elder
10 Deserts Project steering committee member
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